Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning

Safe for Pets, Safe for Children and Safe for the Environment

Green Carpet Cleaning

The Only Certified Green Carpet cleaning System

saves water  using Host saves water, in fact Host deep cleans carpets with 97% less water than wet extraction methods. And because Host is ready to use the actual water savings in any building is 100%.

Saves Energy using Host means there is  no water to heat, no need to use blow driers or run dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the carpet and the air.

Reduces waste. Using  Host means there is zero waste going to landfill sites and no waste water to burden the sewers and water treatment facilities, Host is 100% plant based, the used sponges can be disposed of safely with garden waste or added to a compost heap. 

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

 Professional carpet cleaning with no downtime. Rooms can be used straight away. Our unique systems is the preferred by many  Hotels, Guest Houses, B&B, Restaurants, Caravans, Offices and businesses We specialise in Dry Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning for small to large sized business and professional offices.

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Residential Organic Carpet Cleaning

100% Green and Dry Carpet Cleaning without using harsh chemicals carpets left safe clean and ready to use no waiting for carpets to dry no need to banish children or pets from the house.

  •  No Wet Carpets
  •  Dry & Clean Carpets in minutes
  •  Carpets do not re-soil quickly
  •  No Carpet shrinkage, milldew or colour loss
  •  Approved by Carpet Manufactures & Fibre Producers    Worldwide
  •  No Chemical Residue - Cleaner Carpets for Longer
  •  Removes Over 98.5% of Allergens
  •  No Bad Odours
  •  Increase in the life of the Carpet Pile

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Sisal,Seagrass and Wool

 Our dry extraction carpet cleaning system is suitable for use on all types of carpets and rugs the Host Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning Method is woolsafe approved and the only carpet cleaning system recommended for Sisal and natural fibres.

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At Cleaning Sense we care passionately about the environment that's why when looking for a carpet and upholstery cleaning system we chose the HOST® Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System which is a proven method for achieving clean and dry carpet that looks its best every day. Using HOST can contribute to a cleaner environment both inside and outside. In fact, no other carpet cleaning product has the variety of independent certification and research that HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner has. This summary of independent research and certifications shows that HOST is environmentally preferred and the best choice for green, clean and dry carpet that looks its best every day. 

We offer carpet cleaning throughout South Devon including-- Newton Abbot, Ashburton, Chudleigh, Chudleigh Knighton, Dartmouth, Dawlish, Exeter, Haytor, Heathfield, Ilsington, Kingsbridge, Liverton,Plymouth,Salcombe, Teignmouth, Totnes, Trusham,  Modbury, Chagford and Okehampton.

Cleaning Sense is a family-run cleaning company based in Bovey Tracey South Devon offering an eco-friendly cleaning and organic dry carpet cleaning service to the Residential and Commercial sectors (small offices, B&B and boutique hotels).

We care about people's well-being, about enhancing homes and comfortable working spaces, and about the environment. Research has proven that in developed countries, we spend 90% of our time indoors. According to an article published by York University, we are constantly exposed to a "cocktail of pollutants"¹ deeply rooted in our interiors: from furniture and wall paints to carpets, from fabric conditioner to toxic sprays, we constantly breathe annoying substances which might impact on our health.

With more and more people suffering from asthma, skin conditions, allergies, we, as a family, began to look into more natural ways of keeping our home, our office clean and fresh and really felt this could not just benefit us but many around us.

happy child

We strongly believe that with cleaner homes and businesses we can all protect our health, our life-style, and offer our children, all those who matter around us, family, friends, customers, pets, staff a better environment to thrive in.

Healthier, fresher surroundings for your work force means better efficiency, higher productivity, happier staff and consequently less absenteeism so really, it is all very positive!

Fully trained and insured 

Reliable, trustworthy, conscientious 

Great attention to detail



 We offer Carpet Cleaning Services in-

Ashburton, Bovey Tracey,Newton Abbot, Chudleigh, Chudleigh Knighton, Dartmouth, Dawlish, Exeter, Haytor, Heathfield, Ilsington, Kingsbridge, Liverton,Salcombe, Teignmouth, Totnes, Trusham,  Modbury, Chagford and Okehampton